Care and Storage


Cleaning the game should only be done by wiping the game with a clean cloth. The softer the cloth the better. In case of a stain or spill on your game, use just a small amount of water on your cloth and then wipe the affected area. Do not use any chemicals or anything other than a small amount of water as this could damage the wood or metal plate.


When finished playing, always fold up the game and store it in a dry place away from excessive heat or damp places. It is best to keep the game indoors when not playing or in your vehicle. Keep the game away from small children as the foldable elements can cause injury without adult supervision.


This exclusive foldable model of Sapo was made with portability in mind. For your safety always use the handle when carrying the game. Do not carry it by the mesh sides or pockets as this could cause damage to the game or yourself.